Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I thought I'd check the photo-uploading ease on blogger (it is easy! So I hope to be able to add more). This is from the walk to the light at the North Avenue Beach - one of my favorite walks. The tall building is the John Hancock building, one of the first buildings I learned about in my first civil engineering course; because of that course, I switched into the engineering school in order to major in civil engineering. The building where I live is the red brick building about halfway along on the right (it's a twin building; I live in the north one, the one to the right). Lake Michigan is my "big swimming pool across the street" - in fact, I am headed there shortly. I have a feeling my skyline is about to change dramatically! I'm up on the 14th floor, and the street noise of Lake Shore Drive is nice white noise - it sounds like the gentle tides of the lake (if there were gentle tides).

I've been telling people that if I were moving to Morocco for 2 1/2 years and coming back to this apartment I'd be overwhelmed, and if I were moving out of the apartment where I've lived for 19 years I'd be overwhelmed, but the combination of the two is completely overwhelming! Yesterday I stopped the cable, internet, phone, TiVo, Peninsula Spa, and Blue Cross as of September and arranged for auto-bill-pay of my credit cards and for my absentee ballot. That took all morning! I'm working on a will and living will and power of attorney. I asked my friend/lawyer if I could specify, "now when I die, now don't think I'm a nut, don't want no fancy funeral, just one like old King Tut." He recommended that I leave that out....

People have done this before - moved. And moved to other countries. And joined the Peace Corps. I just haven't moved in a while, and I haven't done anything so - adventurous? Out of the mainstream? Challenging? I measured my suitcases the other day - you're allowed two suitcases L+W+H no more than 107 inches, and a carry-on - mine were exactly 107 inches! I still can't imagine narrowing things down to fit - even though I have a carton of books that a friend will send me already picked out, and am planning to fill at least one more carton with things to send. As I said to someone, I am not a minimalist. His response was, "I imagine many of the people who go into the Peace Corps are." He's probably right!

north avenue beach looks pretty nice from the photo.

oh, i'm just a random passerby :P
Wow! A random passerby! Last thing I expected! I know that most of my friends are not familiar with blogs (I'm not either) so it'll be interesting to see how many other comments I get!
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