Monday, October 02, 2006


Back in Azrou! I called my sister yesterday to wish her a happy birthday and I asked her to read me the division winners. Sounds like the AL Central/Wild Card and the NL West/Wild Card races went down to the last day! It would have been nice to sit and watch the games yesterday. My sister asked me if I just wanted to come home and watch baseball. Well, yes...but it hasn't even been 27 days without baseball! It would have been especially nice to sit and watch baseball yesterday because I've been sick. I started getting feverish on Friday and was all ache-y...had to work on our presentation while in a horizontal position. Yesterday was "self-directed learning" day and we were supposed to spend it with our host families - I just told them I didn't feel well, and I stayed in my room and read and slept. Finally felt a little better last night, and then the Big D started...the doctor was here today and he told me I'd get over it. I told him I also had back pain; was it related or was it a bad mattress? He said the latter and I should make sure to get a good mattress when I get to my site and to call him and he'd tell me where to get one. Also - today I got my first mail! First mail that I didn't address to myself before I left, that is. Real letters and a postcard and a New Yorker! They could have been sitting here for a week; they won't bring it to CBT (community-based training) but will hold it here for us. I'll end this entry here and then start a longer one.

How great to hear from you again- Here I was caught in your stories and then there were none...
So what's wrong with carbs?
All this work I did to improve my eating habits...well, I knew I would have to adjust to a lot here. Eating late, different food...I didn't anticipate the not enough water...which reminds me, when I saw the doctor and he put me on BRATT I said what about the water? He said it was perfectly safe (tap water is treated so if I have a place with running water I'm OK) and that I couldn't live on bottled water for two years. I thought, "that's funny, I was thinking of doing just that."
don't you just love how doctors state everything so matter of factly - when of course it is never a matter of fact to real people

(no offense to any doctors!)
Actually, I found the doctor very I have said before, maybe it's not so bad to be medically restricted to a country with good medical care!
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