Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Can you see pictures? I'm skipping L'ftur to post them. Bad to be skipping food and interaction to keep in touch with friends back home, isn't it? Or is it? All I can eat right now is BRATT - bananas, rice, apples, tea and toast (meaning bread, because I don't think there's a toaster in the country). Between that,oral rehydration salts, pepto bismol and ibuprofen, I am just about 100% - amazing!

Quick notes:
- you may wonder why I did wash here on the roof when my family has a washing machine. Well, I was going to wait for the laundry to build up before I asked about it. Thursday my LCF, Mina, came over to L'ftur, so there wasn't a chance to do laundry and after that I was sick. They would have done it for me (though we were told not to ask anyone to do our underwear) but I wanted to do it myself.

- I wrote a quick comment about clothing with more to come, but wanted to add that most of the other PCTs usually wear slacks. Maybe they have skirts for their sites if they get to conservative ones, or maybe they will wear slacks since they do look business casual, but I haven't worn slacks since I got off the plane. I thought I'd wear them on vacation and I didn't bring enough to wear them regularly but now I wonder if I should have brought more. It would be more comfortable to wear them on the uncomfortable Moroccan sofas! (I can say that now that the doctor told me he thought they were uncomfortable).

- Shoes - in our homes (my sister's and mine) you take your shoes off when you come in the door (and if you think I'm strict about it you should see my sister). Well, here you take them off before you step on a carpet. It took me a while to get the hang of it - taking them off and putting them on all the time - but the floor is not that clean in general (what with the unpaved roads) so you can't just take off your shoes. The carpet is under the table, meaning that at the end of the meal, when I help clear, I am barefoot and stepping on crumbs (and I feel even more strongly about crumbs than I do about shoes off, as many of you may know - and see above about my sister) until I get to my shoes, wearing my shoes back to the kitchen and back to the table where I take off my shoes again to reach for some plates, etc. There are also plastic shoes (I bought the flip-flops) that people keep by the bathroom and use them while going in and out of that room. Those are community shoes - you use whichever ones are there (i.e. other people use mine - I have used only mine). The bucket bath takes place in the bathroom in general, and then you squeegee the water towards the drain, so the floor is wet more often than not - hence the flip-flops. For the TT, flip-flops are essential.

OK - more if I can later, but I shall try to add more pictures while I have the computer on which they are. I can't see them, but that may be a matter of waiting for them to post...if not, I'll have to figure something else out.

I don't see any pictures. Was there any indication of an error when uploading them?

Thanks, as always, for the great stories!
no, no indication of error - it said done. Well, it makes it all the worse that I skipped a meal! I was so tired last night that I skipped the later meal too - just grabbed breakfast and went to bed. Oh well, I will have to figure something out. The pictures will be worth it...
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