Sunday, October 15, 2006


Here's a picture of the ugly plaid plastic bag - in case this wasn't what you pictured when I described it. I thought it was nice to set it against the tile of the walls here at the Auberge. Quiet day today - some language, a walk, some reading, some talking, a letter to my World Wise Schools class. I have been trying to download a Sports Talk podcast into my shuffle too but it's taking too long to access the iTunes store so I think I have to give up on that. I really wish I could listen to the Mets game tonight but that is a wish that will go unfulfilled. We have a tea talk tonight on Moroccan wedding symbols. I will save longer notes on language and on gender for longhand while I am away for 10 days, as well as answers to the letters I received earlier this week. It's nice to really feel as if I had a day off - this is the first time it's felt that way. I should mention that I received incorrect info - the Bears are undefeated (someone also told me that the A's won and I saw that they were swept). I hope all is well with everyone there - I do miss everyone, in case it sounds as though I don't. This blog is the next best thing to conversation and I think of my friends and family as I write every word. I feel I'm reminded daily, though the days go by quickly, that two years is a long time. I do hope and plan to stay the entire 27 months and maybe it won't seem as long when I get back and get back into the swing of life there.

Evening update: I did want to mention something I did this morning. One of the artists in the group is a yoga therapist. A couple of nights ago I saw her giving a class to a bunch of people, so I told her I wanted to join the next one. It was just the two of us this morning doing somatics, a mind-body stretch routine (Feldenkrais, which I was doing in Chicago early this year, is also somatics). Great stretches - I will join her again; it was also a nice chance to talk. We have so many talents in this group! I have seen some drawings that people have done, and some photography, and some jewelry (metal using ancient and modern techniques, not like my beaded things). There are also knitters and crocheters and other crafters and many of the people in the group are reading and have read some very interesting and uncommon books (I felt silly mentioning that I was having someone TiVo "Survivor," but I have impressed with my Boggle skills and my ability to whip through the puzzles in my crossword puzzle book).

That is great that someone teaches somatics!!! I am sure that you told her that I am a big fan.
Tried to call you on Sunday (2PM Pac Coast Time) but could not get through-- Did hear some french and arabic from a recorded message-It did not sound like your voice though...
Hope to talk to you soon.
I did tell her, and I look forward to another lesson. Today I learned how to make a star out of paper and traded my knowledge of how to make a cube and how to make a fortune teller. Thought of S&V!

I might have turned off my phone by then - sorry to have missed you! It is not my voice...I wonder what it says (or if I can understand enough to know). I did not buy a plan with voicemail...
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