Friday, October 13, 2006


This is a tablecloth with traditional embroidery pattern. Note - the tablecloths we use at dinner are plastic. And they clean them with a towel or rag. I (another thing I have in common with my sister) am a BIG paper towel user - I miss paper towels! A friend was telling me this morning that they can be found. He gave me a couple (actually he offered me a roll, which was quite generous). I'm relieved to know that I can find them.

Quick reminder - Morocco does not change its time, so at the end of the month there'll be an hour more of time difference, Now it's four hours to the east coast.

I see the Mets won game one. Scores just aren't enough but they'll have to do.

The current issue of Newsweek (at least the edition we have here - maybe the U.S. edition as well) has an article about Morocco and how European it's getting. People are buying condos on the coast, free trade with Europe and with America is on the way - it will be the most any non - EU nation has. They are establishing call centers in French similar to the ones in India for English. A very interesting article - but I must say that there's no evidence of it in TimHdit - or not much in Azrou, though there are tourists here who are hiking the Atlas. My sister told me that the current issue of the New Yorker has an article about Morocco too, and the king.

We have rabies 3 and hep 2 today...that might be the last of the shots.

update - it was polio and hep B 2 - the polio packed a punch (big needle - lots of vaccine) - and there are three more to go (one is in six months).

This afternoon we have understanding cooperatives and how to start a cooperative or association. Tomorrow there's transportation safety and security , how to create an SBD project, and how to create an action plan. Sunday is delf-directed learning day and I haven't figured out how I will spend it yet. Monday we get our assignments for the next CBT phase and a lecture on organizational management (managing the cooperative as a group and managing the cooperative as a small business) and teamwork, leadership and conflect resolution. In between there are some language and cross-culture time sots, but most of the language is done at the CBT site, 3-4 hours a day. We also had a session this morning on nutrition and dental health. We're lucky in Morocco - there are many fruits and vegetables available - though I am not sure I am going to be able to go to a butcher and get a freshly-killed chicken (you can get them plucked or unplucked) or a cut of meat right off the carcass. I may save my chicken dinners for when I am invited to people's houses and avoid red meat entirely (more on that later - there's a holiday where you kill a sheep and eat it until you're done with it). We got a Peace Corps cookbook today - recipes from volunteers that use locally-available ingredients. It looks really good! Yet another book I don't have room for but will be happy that I have!

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