Friday, December 29, 2006


All right, THIS might be my last post of 2006 so Happy New Year and all that. I’ve been feeling the need to write some haiku. Yesterday I got inspired and whipped out some impressions from my first month as a PCV (and got on a roll – but there’s no such thing as too much haiku, right? Right?)

Peace Corps Volunteer
Training done, now final site
The two years begins

Former volunteer
Introduced me around town
Thank you, Motasim!

Got a new laptop
Anders bought, Pam paid, Katie
Carried – team effort!

Craft fair in Ifrane
First week, something meaningful
Didn’t sell much though

The artisana
And medina on most days
I visit, say hi

Nice host family
I’m so glad to be with them
And the food is great

B.P. 306
Getting mail is a thrill
Though it takes a while

Peace Corps bicycle
Way too cold to ride right now
Maybe in the spring

Having my hair done
Massage too – kind of third world
At least Azrou has

Tutoring each week
Learning more and speaking more
Still, long way to go

Ben Smim’s Amanda
Wedding, hammam, coffees, herbs
She’s been a big help

Looking for a house
Want close, safe, bath, roof, clean, light
Good neighborhood too

Two weekends in Fes
Splurge and budget – both were fun
Good to see some friends

Girls Leading Our World
Leadership camp next summer
Meeting in Sefrou

Going out of site
Must return before it’s dark
Or you get sent home

Text-messaging friends
Who are in sites far away
Cyber e-mail too

Dentist in Rabat
Over ten hours round trip
Now I have clean teeth

“Hot stove” – was baseball
Now, the one room in the house
Where you can get warm

Dyali – that’s mine!
The two-year-old’s favorite word
Kids are the same, eh?

Potato-chip guy
Will you be outside the mosque?
Popcorn not the same

Christmas in Azrou
Some inflatable Santas
That’s pretty much it

Gong to the souk
Sweater pants and sweater top
World’s worst bargainer?

L-Eid Kbir soon
Each family its own sheep
Just fruit for me, thanks

I miss those back home
But I’m meant to be here now
Thanks for your support

Glad that all is well
Have a wonderful new year!
We really miss you.
Happy New Year to you and everyone reading this too! Loved the haiku format!
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