Thursday, July 26, 2007


I’d been thinking that it was time for some haiku…I had written some on the train ride back from Marrakesh way back in May and just not posted it yet, and I’ve been writing some in my head for a while. Then today I got a book of poetry written by Debbie’s daughter Nina for her elementary school class (I think second grade, but correct me in the comment section if I’m wrong –it’s hard to keep track!). The book was dedicated to “my mom’s best friend Sharon. She is really a role model to me because she travels all over the world.” Wow! I’m speechless! So Nina, I want to dedicate today’s haiku to you. The picture is of Moulay Idriss, the shrine town near Meknes that Frank, Rose and I visited earlier this month; this is the panoramic view of one hill from the top of the other.

But first, more about Jong. She is a GREAT guest and we are having a GREAT time. In fact, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have stay with me for two weeks, and I might say that even if I didn’t know she was reading this! We have made hash browns for breakfast a couple of times – too labor-intensive for one person, but well worth it for two! And we have been playing piffle at every opportunity – afternoon break and late into the night. It is so wonderful to have a card-player here – we take turns saying “one more game.” We play cards late into the night and then have been having girl talk until even later. I think by the time she leaves next week we might have to retire the two decks of cards we're playing with! She’s gone with me to the artisana a couple of times and everyone there likes her; my counterpart told her to change her site and move up here! Walking her to camp has been my exercise while she’s here – plus, we’re doing sit-ups. It’s interesting to hear her camp stories – her Arabic name is Ilham, which means inspiration, and she really is inspiring the fifty 14-18-year-old orphan boys who are here. I didn’t sign up to do a camp but I can experience it vicariously through her. She patiently answers their constant questions – for example, she tells them that America has nice places and ugly places, just like Morocco, and that if they don’t like it here they can do something about it. She’s a natural.

And the end of KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes), I think. I stayed home on Sunday to work on it and on Monday I declared it finished rather than run it by the committee one more time so that I could burn it on a CD to give to Bouchra. She was coming through Azrou and visiting the camps in the area where PCVs are working, on her way to site development in the south, and invited me for coffee (which was actually orange juice, since it is too hot!). I asked her all about herself – she has had an interesting and varied career. She said that the first six months are the slowest for PCVs and that the second year just flies by - I think the first six months have flown by, so I guess I will be finished in no time! We talked about site development, the new stage coming in September, and some other things – and there just wasn’t time to talk about KSA other than my handing her the CD and telling her I’d make any requested changes once she looks at it, and there wasn’t time to talk about my projects. A very pleasant visit, actually!

Jong showed me a Chemical Brothers video that was filmed in the south - this is what the area near where she lives looks like - plus you can see a grand taxi (albeit with fewer than six passengers, hanuts and other parts of daily life here - it ends in Marrakesh - And as long as I am sending links, here's the one to the U2 video filmed in the Fes medina -

And now without further ado, some haiku…

Spring flowers in bloom
Red poppies, yellow, purple
Middle Atlas spring

Cactus and palm trees
Ocean outside the window
Gleaming white buildings

Washing tiled floors
Hanging laundry on the line
Clean? Then the dust comes

Labyrinth of streets
Surprises and mysteries
The romance of Fes

Darker hair color
More what I’m used to on me
Superpower hair

Quick weekend trip home
It was so good to see you
Whew – no culture shock

Daily scrambled eggs
The breakfast of champions
Or lunch or dinner

Agadir, ocean
Tiger-striped sea shells there
Walks along the beach

Silver jewelry
Old Berber shapes and symbols
I bought lots to wear

Spanish coastal town
Magical feeling, red rocks
Blue and white beauty

Country Director
Gourmet dinner at his house
McD, Pizza Hut

Azrou summer sun
Midday nap a great idea
Fresh juice, iced coffee

Two showers a day
Did I mention that it’s hot?
Also, it’s been hot

Magnum ice cream bar
Chocolate, coated with chocolate
I would like one now

Grand taxi rear seat
Ask for the window handle
If you want some air

Hoping for boxes
Maybe they’ll arrive today
Haven’t given up

Consulting project
Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes
Strategic thinking

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